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InfoMart has been revolutionizing the global background and identity screening industry for over 27 years.

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“12 Retro Gadgets That Need To Be Rebooted For Today’s Market” – Forbes

Pagers And Blackberries – Technology evolves at a breakneck pace, but in our rush to innovate, we vault to the next high-tech platform without considering the merits of the preceding iteration. Take pagers and BlackBerries, for example. The BlackBerry’s keyboard was easy to use, and pagers kept you on notice but with concise messages and consistent connectivity. The merits of this tech could be integrated into modernized systems.

“14 Ways to Decided When to Outsource Your Business’ IT Operations”- Forbes

When You Have A Trusted Screening Program –  Outsourcing IT is only an option when you have an iron-clad, trusted screening program to vet those who have direct and indirect contact with your tech. With data constantly under attack, your company’s safety is in the hands of your IT department. Don’t consider outsourcing IT until the vetting process is comprehensive, covering everything from credential verification to identity authentication.

” With the Right Approach, Product Delays Don’t Necessarily Mean Angry Clients”- Forbes

Focus On The Fix – When a problem arises, always respond with honesty and strong accountability. Focus on the solution and focus on the fix. Never make excuses, and resist the urge to say “no” immediately. Demonstrate to them the step-by-step plan you’re taking to remedy their dissatisfaction.

“Will Intercity Rockets Change The Future of Travel?”- Forbes

“Will Intercity Rockets Change The Future of Travel? “- Forbes This shift in travel will be as jarring as was the move from horse/carriage to automobiles. Inevitably, it will affect every piece of our world, particularly the workforce.

“What Can 3-D Augmented Reality Do For You?”- Forbes

As the workforce becomes more global, HR can leverage 3-D augmented reality to both market their companies and streamline onboarding. For example, tours of the facility — for both potential and new hires — would offer an in-depth look at a company without disrupting workflow or causing security risks. Pre-emptive tasks like where to park and introductions to team members would also be simplified.

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