Breast cancer awareness is a cause dear to our hearts here at InfoMart. We lost a valued employee to the disease, and we currently support three women who are proud survivors. The rally cry for breast cancer awareness motivates people at least once a year to step away from their busy schedules and show support for the cause through walking, fundraising, and monetary donations. We should always have our breasts checked, especially if it runs in the family. There are genetic cancer screenings which you can find out more about over at websites like, in case you want to be tested. Taking care of ourselves is incredibly important.
Breast cancer has left its impact on all of us here at InfoMart. I’m not in the office early but I am usually still there after 6:00 PM. That is when I came to know Tanya Briggs. Tanya had worked for us for years and left to pursue a new life in Florida. When it didn’t work out, she returned to InfoMart in a new position as our night staff manager.

The best word to describe Tanya would be firecracker. She had a voice that sounded like Fran Drescher and a contagious laugh. Every evening on her dinner break she stopped by my office. Sometimes we had long conversations about life, other times just a quick hello and a wave.

That year she complained of some health problems and missed a few days of work as a result. She finally went to the doctor and received the shocking news that at age 40 she had breast cancer. She underwent surgery almost immediately. Many of us anticipated she would be returning to work after chemotherapy, but unfortunately, that isn’t what happened. Tanya?s cancer continued to progress. She passed away 3 years after her diagnosis at age 43. When I was told that she only had months left, I still couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Breast cancer became very real for all of us.

Because this devastating disease is a reality for so many people, companies can incorporate awareness and fundraising programs. Your office will be able to rally and bond over supporting a common cause.

1. Employee Engagement

Keeping employees happy and engaged is the key to a successful business. Whether you do this by installing some privacy guards from Versare or arranging a charity event, keep your employees happy. If anyone within your organization shows interest in organizing an event to raise money and awareness for breast cancer, encourage them with access to company resources. Businesses can offer to match fundraising totals, pay for volunteer hours at the event, or provide monetary backing to purchase supplies.InfoMart rallies every year to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. We support the annual walk in our community, where they present an award in honor of Tanya Briggs, the employee we tragically lost to breast cancer. Employee engagement and fundraising don?t need to be expensive; last year, two of our employee-led committees partnered to organize a Spirit Week. Together they raised money by asking our employees to donate $1 for each day they participated. Our staff were more than willing to pay a small fee to wear their pajamas to work or dress tacky for aday while helping a worthwhile cause. InfoMart supported the effort by matching each donation, which doubled the total. Even though it doesn’t have to be a big event that requires much planning, some organizations want to hold corporate events that has a better chance of being able to raise as much money for the charity as possible. It doesn’t matter what you do, every little bit of money that your company raises will make a difference in the lives of people suffering from breast cancer.

2. Corporate Responsibility

Companies have a responsibility to the communities they serve, but businesses forget that their communities extend far beyond their immediate surroundings. InfoMart?s community, for example, includes the companies working alongside us in Atlanta, the friends and families of our dedicated employees, our vendors, and our clients. ?Corporate responsibility? should be more than just a buzzword. It is one of the pillars on which customers base their business, especially in B2B partnerships.Recently, the public has shown an increased interest in how a company shares its resources with its community. In addition to benefiting breast cancer research, demonstrating your commitment to the cause can only strengthen your relationships both inside and outside your company.

3. Personal Professional Development

Personal professional development ties directly to your employee engagement. By empowering your employees to become more involved in the planning and execution of your charitable events, your company fosters skills in leadership, organization, strategy, financial management, public speaking, marketing, and more.One of the most valuable results froma company-wide endeavor is the possibility of potentially fostering new interdepartmental communication. Working together toward a common goal?in this case, supporting breast cancer awareness?ultimately fosters friendships and relationships between your employees, which in turn strengthens your company.

Now go out and support a worthwhile cause.

Deciding which causes to commit your employee?s time and energy towards outsideof the office is a big decision. Choosing humanitarian efforts that are important to your employees, your community, and yourself will initiate a passionate, personal response all around. To see how InfoMart puts employee engagement and community involvement in the hands of our dedicated staff, check out our I?M Committees. For more information on the facts and figures surrounding breast cancer research, visit

How do you engage your employees and your business in community service projects? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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