Corporate events range from simple to complex, but all events can contribute to developing your workforce culture and cultivating a Best Place to Work.”


Often, the perceived difficulty of planning, implementing, and managing future events can seem overwhelming. In the hands of an Administrative Assistant, though, you won’t struggle with wondering how to fit this into your schedule and pull it off.

Tips for Recognizing Black History Month

  • Assign the monthly activities to an Administrative Assistant or BHM event committee to ensure follow–through. These leaders can also be charged with carrying the resources from one year forward to the next.
  • Create a logo to be used year after year. This can be for invitations, emails, t-shirts, and promotional items. We used to change the logo annually until I realized it is a brand that should be consistent year after year.
  • Establish your budget. How much will the company spend on prizes, meals, and activities? Even without a budget, there are a number of free activities you can do such as a Pot-luck Southern Food Luncheon where employees share favorite dishes with co-workers.
  • Create a BHM committee. When starting out, you may want to hand-pick committee members who will be able to successfully complete the project with an outcome that exceeds expectations. Once you have your core committee, you can ask for volunteers.
  • Communicate to employees. Once you come up with the first year of emails and notices, they are easy to copy in future years. To preserve the work product, we create a binder and intranet page with all the resources used that year.
  • Media coverage should be considered in your plans, from your social media schedule to contacting local publications and requesting they cover your event. Newspapers and television media are often looking for activities to cover for Black History Month. Once you develop a media plan, save it for next year to make future events less work.
  • Encourage employees to share their family story. You might want to guide them to looking at census information on places like to discover more about their family history.
  • Client engagement. Share the diversity of your culture and let clients experience your employees’ engagement. Invite clients to your events or send promotional items that represent your BHM celebration. For one luncheon, we printed “Soul Food” recipe books and sent them to our clients. The year of the gala, we sent imprinted champagne glasses.
  • “Encourage integrated celebrations across departments in the organizations,” says Simone E. Morris, Diversity Director of the Southern Connecticut Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Organizations should strive to include all departments and employees, regardless of race.

Black History Month is an opportunity to build a diverse workforce while engaging employees, clients, and the community.

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