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Tammy Cohen

Tammy Cohen is a nationally honored entrepreneur, successful business woman, and philanthropist. A pioneer of the background screening industry, Tammy founded InfoMart nearly 30 years ago and is referred to as “the Queen of Screen.” InfoMart’s one of the largest screening companies nationwide and serves over 9,000 clients, many of which are on the Fortune & Forbes 100.

People are the common denominator of Tammy’s key attributes. Her 100-plus employees are her biggest fans, and for a good reason. Tammy doesn’t just employ her team, she empowers them to be the best and brightest both within InfoMart, and in their communities. A thought leader in the workplace culture, Tammy’s the recipient of numerous national and state awards recognizing InfoMart’s “Best Place to Work” Practices.

As a philanthropist, Tammy has raised millions of dollars for non-profits, including the YWCA and American Cancer society. Her leadership of a Katrina rescue mission earned her a commendation in the 152nd Congressional Record.

The road to success has not been easy, beginning with a $0 start-up fund twenty-five years ago, Tammy’s fierce determination and adaptability is what has led her company in overcoming challenges to become a recognized leader in a highly competitive and male-dominated industry.

For the past three consecutive years, Tammy’s been recognized on the list of “Top 500 Women-Owned Businesses in the United States.” In 2015, she was presented with the Enterprising Women of the Year award by Enterprising Women Magazine and her most recent accomplishment includes being honored with the “WBEs Who Rocks” award by MBE Magazine.

Tammy is an engaging and motivating speaker who has shared her experiences with entrepreneurs, women business leaders, business associations, and management & administrative personnel. With honesty and humor, she freely shares her struggles, the lesson she’s learned, and her advice for overcoming challenges, growing a business, and creating an enterprise that is worthy of accolade and emulation.

Her other businesses include Amy & Tammy’s Boxed Lunch Company, Kouzina Christos, and InfoMart.

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