As a certified woman-owned business enterprise, InfoMart is committed to promoting diversity in our workforce, vendor relationships, and community at large.  It’s not just good business – it’s the right thing to do.

Through initiatives such as the annual Black History Month celebration and LGBT Pride luncheons, InfoMart’s employee-led committees encourage the team to embrace one another’s differences. At InfoMart, we believe that a company built on inclusion and respect helps us better understand our customers and develop more creative solutions to meet their background screening needs.

We believe that no one is successful until we all have an opportunity to succeed.

InfoMart’s leadership has an average tenure of 12 years, and, taken all together, employees average 7 years tenure.

Over four centuries of experience, Leadership team (430 years, with 36 employees in leadership)
12 years’ experience average for leadership team
All employees average out to almost 850 years of experience in the industry

Years of service