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The Story:

In 2002, best friends Amy Phillips and Tammy Cohen decided to blend their individual culinary and business passions to cook up a catering business that was playful and tasty. Amy brings to the table her experience in the kitchen as an apprentice to the best cook ever—her grandmother. Tammy isn’t allowed in the kitchen (for the benefit of all patrons); instead, she serves up playful innovations to make your lunch practical and entertaining.

A&T strives to pack their boxes so full of healthy foods (at least by 1950’s standards) and southern favorites that no one can finish the entire box. Our mission is to support your hardworking employees with delicious, substantial food and a bit of whimsy.

What do you do?

With a dash of fun, a pinch of nostalgia, and a heaping scoop of freshness, we deliver a lunch box packed with delicious 1950’s diner-style food directly to your boardroom. Our sandwiches are freshly prepared and stacked high with meat and favorite fixings. Ample scoops of perfectly seasoned pasta or potato salad are served on the side. An oven-fresh cookie, homemade cake, or other baked dessert sweetens the day.

Each box lunch also includes 1950’s-style candy, a coaster (mother taught you better than to leave a water ring), and a surprise like those you’d find in a box of Cracker Jacks or cereal. When you have to work through the lunch break, break out a lunch that will treat and amuse your clients and employees. Whether you want to impress your peers or you have a tough crowd to please, everyone will be delighted with a lunch from Amy & Tammy’s Boxed Lunch Company.

A&T close up sandwich

Why Cobb County?

Amy & Tammy’s serves metro Atlanta, but because both Phillips and Cohen are long-time residents and business people in Cobb, the choice to headquarter the business here was as natural as our ingredients.

What do you love most about A&TBLC?

Aside from the leftovers? Amy and Tammy delight in providing local businesses with a quality product that helps fuel the hardworking people who mold our community. We also enjoy the intrinsic rewards of doing good in our community by contributing sack lunches and cookies to nonprofits and volunteer organizations.

Our Best Advice for Budding Caterers:

Cohen advises having a real foodie— like Phillips—in the kitchen developing recipes. Phillips’ advice is to have a creative theme that makes you stand out from the other catering companies. Together, they agree that getting involved in the community and supporting local business organizations are the keys to catering success.

What’s Next?

Expanding outside the box, of course!  

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