In this time of uncertainty, only one thing is clear: COVID-19 has changed the world, perhaps forever. The virus is smashing barriers and forcing companies to adapt at a rapid pace. Technology decisionmakers have been methodically moving their organization towards digital transformation, but COVID-19 has accelerated this process. The increased need for digitalization is changing the landscape of HR dramatically in a matter of months.  

Prior to the outbreak,
  recruitment  has been the poster child of the benefits of HR tech. In the past five years, recruitment technology has evolved into AI-powered systemschatbots, and more. These innovations streamlined the recruiting and hiring processes. Prior to COVID-19, HR tech was focused on lowering time-to-hire and making the recruiting process simpler for both HR staff and candidates. Now, companies must rely on technology not just for convenience’s sake, but also for the safety of everyone involved in the hiring process. Read More.