By Tammy Cohen, PHR, SHRM-CP

As a recognized Psychologically Healthy Workplace, we know that a healthy workplace is crucial to your company’s success and prosperity. Caring about your workforce increases employee engagement, which benefits your bottom line. There is an article here about what investing in a workforce can do and the ways that employees can be helped to achieve a calmer and positive work environment. After 28 years running my own company, I feel comfortable saying that one of my top priorities as Chief Visionary Officer at InfoMart will always be the wellness of my people.

According to the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP), diabetes has the largest impact on health costs felt by employee benefit plans. Other illnesses hurting offices (joint pain, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol) are all chronic illnesses tied directly to lifestyle. It is our mission at InfoMart to nurture healthy behaviors in our employees and the company at large. Here’s how we promote a healthy, positive employee experience. If you are interested in finding out more about employee experiences, you can do so here – Read on to learn more on how to you could improve your employee morale:

Create an Employee-Led Health Committee

InfoMart’s I’M Committees are employee-led groups that encourage work/life balance. They each have different focuses: fitness, celebrations, community service, personal development, and professional development. I’M Fit, our health, and wellness committee are tasked with curating new and existing fitness initiatives for our employees. They design our monthly fitness challenges, organize our Summer recesses that get employees outside and moving, and spearhead healthy lunch potlucks. The other side of wellness is employees’ mental health, physical health is very important, but mental health needs to be at that same level. Employees will go through periods of stress at work and that needs to be discussed and accommodated when made aware. Some health plans may be lenient towards using CBD within the workplace, especially as it has shown to reduce stress and it is not as powerful as medical marijuana. If this is allowed, employees’ can try revita or other brands to see which fares better for them.

Design Quick Fitness Challenges

Businesses do the most for their employees in the long run when they instill healthy habits as an essential part of a daily routine. Habits are hard to break, so as leaders we should provide positive influences both inside and outside the workplace. The wellness initiatives at InfoMart vary, including short fitness challenges like wall sits and jump rope sets. Even something as simple as “Fruit Fridays” (a quick break for a healthy snack) can make a difference.

Host a “Biggest Loser” Contest

At the start of the year, we host a Biggest Loser Challenge to encourage employees to work towards a cash prize and a healthier lifestyle. We have two winners, one woman and one man, chosen based on the greatest percentage of healthy weight loss in their group. Weekly weigh-ins are private to protect employees’ privacy and morale, and the winners each win cash prizes up to $500.

By encouraging innovative ideas, we continue to foster employee engagement. In trusting our employees to take on more responsibility within the organization, we hand them the reins to their futures with the full weight of InfoMart to support their efforts. How do you encourage wellness programs in the office? Share your thoughts with me on social media.