IM-InfoMartAt InfoMart, employees continue to report a high level of satisfaction on the job despite growing work volume, and we do our best to provide our employees with varied opportunities to balance work-life with personal pursuits. InfoMart is more than just a workplace; it’s a caring community that brings people together beyond the duties of the job.

Our employees participate in committees such as I’M Fit and I’M Giving. All in all, our company has five committees and one subcommittee that are dedicated to engaging and motivating our employees.


InfoMart’s I’M Fit committee organizes fitness activities and distributes information on healthy living. The group conducts a Biggest Loser challenge every year, starting January 1st and running through the middle of March. Cash prizes are awarded in male and female categories for the greatest percentage of weight lost at both mid-term and final weigh-ins.

In addition to the yearly weight-loss competition, I’M Fit organizes mid-afternoon company recesses and monthly fitness challenges, such as the 30-day plank challenge.

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IM-InfoMart-GivingThe I’M Giving committee organizes and conducts fundraisers and service activities both inside InfoMart and within the community. Every year on Martin Luther King Jr. day, the committee coordinates a Day of Service that gives all InfoMart employees a chance to donate their time to a charitable organization in the area. This year, groups of volunteers helped out at Atlanta Community Food Bank, Another Chance Center for Children and Young Adults, Bickford of Marietta Senior Living, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite.

Additionally, I’M Giving participates in Atlanta’s annual Susan G. Komen Race, organizes an annual blood drive with the Red Cross, and conducts food, fund, school supply, and Christmas toy drives throughout the year.

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InfoMart’s I’M Living committee coordinates events throughout the year that strive to teach participants skills in personal improvement. The committee organizes Lunch & Learn events that invite experts to share their knowledge and experience on various subjects. Lunch & Learns have previously been conducted on couponing, budgeting, and understanding credit scores.

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IM-InfoMart-CelebratingThe I’M Celebrating committee meets monthly to plan and coordinate company celebrations of holidays and diversity events. The committee decorates the office for several major holidays including Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They hold a costume contest for Halloween and give out small gifts such as flowers and candy for other holidays. The committee also coordinates diversity events, potluck luncheons, and our Black History Month events.

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IM-InfoMart-GrowingThe I’M Growing committee dedicates its efforts to helping employees improve their professional lives. The committee organizes events such as Lunch & Learns on professional attire and changes within the industry’s legal landscape. They conduct training courses in computer programs such as Excel and coordinate team building exercises within and between departments. They also head up our annual spring cleaning efforts in the office.

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IM-InfoMart-GreenI’M Green is a small subcommittee of I’M Giving that meets to discuss and organize Green and sustainability efforts both inside and outside of the office. The committee is responsible for InfoMart’s annual Earth Day celebration, which often includes recess, gardening, and sharing Green information for home and office. The committee has also previously organized a recycling competition in which the department that collected the most recyclable items received a company-sponsored breakfast. I’M Green also plants and maintains InfoMart’s 7 community garden plots and shares the produce with the office.

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