In addition to my passion for entrepreneurship, I am also interested in the evolution of the administrative profession and the development of corporate citizenship. I feel that these areas of business are still in the early stages of growth, and will present interesting trends and innovations in the future.

Administrative assistantship as a profession has grown drastically over the past few decades. As a former administrative assistant turned business owner, I eagerly observe the changes and enact my own in order to tap the increasing potential of those employees. Admins do so much more than write checks, set calendars, and answer phone calls; often they contribute to multiple business processes including marketing, media, public relations, and operations. Their integrative skills and breadth of experience are highly valued by executive decision-makers. I appreciate innovative ideas in the profession and may have some of my own to contribute at times.

Corporate Citizenship is very important to me, both personally and professionally, and is a point of interest that I consider to be an up-and-coming trend in the business world. More and more, I’m finding that employees are interested in engaging with their workplaces outside of normal work duties. The workplace is a community that can thrive with encouragement and incentive, and an engaged workforce is a happier and more productive one. That’s why I make every effort to develop and institute “Best Place to Work” practices in my place of business, and the results have been inspirational.

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