Letter from Tammy

Fellow Entrepreneurs and Future Friends,

Wherever you are in your career, chances are good that I’ve been there, too. I have felt helpless and unsure if I’d be able to pay the rent, but I have also known the joy of seeing my efforts pay off in amazing ways.

No one starts off at the top. Not Oprah Winfrey, not Sara Blakely, and certainly not me. Like most people, I used the skills I possessed to earn a living, and like many of you, I have mad admin skills. I used those skills to found a one-woman company, contracting myself out to businesses that didn’t have time for clerical tasks.

Bolstered by minimal success, I launched another small business that would provide employee background screenings to companies. Using these same admin skills, I built the business into one of the largest screening firms in the country.

I have achieved more than I thought I ever could, and you can, too. Your entrepreneurial spirit endows you with great potential. You are limitless.

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