Featured in Human Resource Executive: More with Less

 “Ridding your organization of unnecessary manual and mundane tasks goes right to the bottom line.”

– Tammy Cohen, InfoMart Founder & CVO

HR departments across the country, especially those of small or mid-sized businesses, often feel they must “do more with less.” In Human Resource Executive’s recent whitepaper (sponsored by Workday), Tom Starner details how new technologies can turn doing more with less into a very tangible achievement. With the advent of new tech, HR departments can eliminate time-consuming tasks and analyze their workforce in a whole new way. In it, Tammy talks about how these new tools can lead to better hiring practices and greater success overall.

In the modern business world, new technology is a new advantage. Don’t let your company get left behind. Click below to download the full article of “More with Less” and see how these new tools can help your business.

Download Workday’s Whitepaper

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