InfoMart Demos Latest Version of Their Identity Technology at HR Tech Conference

Atlanta – October 05, 2017 – InfoMart, an industry leader in global background screening, will demo the latest version of their identity verification technology, ASAP ID, at the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition. InfoMart was the first company to introduce this type of service to the background screening industry in 2016. The pre-employment screening and sharing economy markets have since enthusiastically adopted this type of technology, which improves the way in which personal identifiers are handled for global background screening.  While InfoMart is demoing their latest version for the HR and technology audiences in Vegas, their Atlanta-based team will be onboarding new customers to the ASAP ID platform.

ASAP ID’s automation streamlines the screening process, simplifying the experience for both candidates and HR professionals. The mobile-based product verifies an applicant’s government-issued identification and matches it to a biometric scan of a selfie the candidate takes on their smartphone. Data captured from the ID is populated into the screening system, an effort to close the screening gap and prevent inaccurate data from being the basis for a background check.

The 2017 HR Technology Conference presents the ideal opportunity to preview the service to other professionals in the technology and HR industries. InfoMart is a primary innovator in the HR tech sphere, working diligently to push the industry forward with modernized, first-to-market solutions. Recently, they were awarded for being a top recruitment software provider by HR Tech Outlook. They deliver risk mitigation on a global scale for seamless talent onboarding across numerous industries, customized to each company’s unique needs.

For a look at ASAP ID, visit InfoMart at booth 4145 at the 2017 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas, NM from October 10-13th. For more information on the conference, visit

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