Teach Me Tuesday chipTraining is always in the forefront at InfoMart. From the first day of employment, to even me after 26 years, having a tour on how we process a specific type of information. InfoMart’s most successful training program has been Teach Me Tuesdays. Initially, it began to train new employees in the onboarding process, then current employees complained that they wanted a deeper learning experience as well.

Background screening is a complex and detailed process that, done incorrectly, can result in noncompliance. With more than 3,100 US counties requiring different processes and methods for retrieving and reporting background checks, the stakes are high for both screeners and their employees.

That’s why InfoMart has developed a comprehensive training initiative that prepares new employees, updates tenured employees, and encourages continuous learning in, and coordination between, all members of the workforce. This training program also provides the added bonus of fostering comradery and teamwork between employees, from entry-level to the executive board.

With highly experienced employees, we can provide the fastest turnaround on the most accurate background checks in the industry. Employee training at InfoMart is about more than just teaching people how to do a job. It’s about inspiring our employees to work together toward a common goal: continuous improvement.

Plus, when you couple training and motivation you are laying the groundwork to be able to quickly and efficiently scale to new levels as your organization grows.


InfoMart created Teach Me Tuesdays (TMT) in order to avoid training traps and cultivate a workforce that is knowledgeable, effective, and confident. At first, it started out as a way to onboard new employees; however, we’ve found that even tenured employees gain enormous benefit from the program.

How it works:  Every Tuesday at 3 pm for 12 weeks, a group of new and tenured employees meet with a different department head. After a brief lesson describing the basic operations of that week’s focus department, the team goes into operations to see the newly learned processes, live in action. TMT trainers answer team questions and frequently asked questions we’ve collected over time.

TMT orientation: Each Tuesday builds on the knowledge gained in the previous week, and the knowledge is reinforced throughout the Tuesday meetings.

Training materials:  TMT distributes a binder to each trainee so the employee can take notes, organize handouts, and keep track of their learning in a way that makes sense to them for the long term.

Onboarding:  When hiring new employees, it’s our technology and human resources that provide the first understanding of who we are, what we do, and, most importantly, how we do it. It is fruitless to throw everything an employee needs to know at them in the first couple weeks of work. New employees join in the current TMT a couple of weeks after they start.

Rewards & Recognition: While our Teach Me Tuesday program functions to provide continuous training that improves the skills of all employees, both new and tenured, we like to encourage employee engagement in the program by offering rewards and recognition for completion. We give each trainee who completes the program a commemorative poker chip, which are collected by employees who even compete for who has the most. Additionally, we recognize these employees at our monthly luncheon by giving kudos in front of the whole company.

The most important part of our Teach Me Tuesdays, as with other effective onboarding programs, is the dialogue it creates that enables our employees to collaborate and learn. An educated workforce that strives together toward a common goal is more successful than a workforce with no sense of purpose. TMT gives us our purpose, and the resources we need to achieve it.

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