Not everyone gives employee gifts for Christmas, but at InfoMart we always give our employees a branded gift. Why? For two reasons: we’re proud of the way our employees represent us, and it’s good for brand awareness. Brand awareness is so important these days, we need people to become familiar with our brands so that businesses can continue to be successful. Whilst the gifts we give to our employees are physically branded gifts, business owners can also look into branding themselves online too. Perhaps incorporating some SEO from Victorious could increase brand awareness for a business. Whilst it wouldn’t benefit the employees directly, it could benefit the business by increasing sales and website traffic. This would help the business to grow even more, ensuring that the employees could get better opportunities and benefits in the future.

We always ensure that the gifts are quality. We choose things that people are likely to wear or use, holiday gifts for employees are always best when it’s something useful as it usually means the recipient will keep hold of it. A lot of thought goes into these presents each year; giving a gift that’s likely to be unused or thrown away is a waste of money. It could be something as simple as rubber wristbands from, personalised to each employee. Or you might want to go for something bigger and more expensive; it depends on your budget and how many employees you have. For example, last year, we gave our employees black jackets branded with InfoMart’s logo. Many of them are wearing them to the office now that the weather has turned cold again.

InfoMart also created our own calendar for employees with our major holidays and special work days. The calendar includes a monthly coupon for our catering kitchen (Amy and Tammy’s Boxed Lunch Company) that provides employees lunch multiple times a week, ranging from standard sandwiches to specialty offerings like chicken pot pie and quesadillas.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing my tips for increasing employee engagement during the holiday season. Can’t wait? Join me over on InfoMart’s blog for a more extensive look at two of our biggest year-end events: our daily holiday raffle and our employee awards ceremony.