This is the event InfoMart employees wait for all year. On a row of tables, we display electronic prizes ranging from TVs to iPads to KitchenAid Mixers and more. The raffle is an expensive employee event, so it is important to plan carefully. 

The first year we did the electronic raffle, it was at our holiday party. There were only five electronics, and the two nicest gifts were won by guests rather than employees. Since then, the event has grown significantly, and we have a great set of rules that make it a win/win event for all.

Raffle Tickets 

We purchase 30 electronics. This gives employees a lot of choices, but the number can be adjusted to fit any budget. In front of each electronic is a box where people can drop tickets. 

Each employee is given 20 raffle tickets. Throughout December, we have contests and events where participation awards more tickets. It provides a convenient incentive, especially if you have quality prizes. 

Employees place their tickets in the containers for the items they want to win. If they want, they can put more than one ticket in the bucket for a greater chance to win a specific electronic.

The Raffle

Our SVP, Tim Gordon, hosts. His upbeat, comedic personality keeps everyone laughing the whole time. Having someone full of energy run the show makes it a fun, memorable event. Last year, we convinced our Chief Operating Officer, Adam Townsend, to dress in costume. He was a hit…but he said never again!

Tim picks up a box in front of an electronic item and has someone draw a ticket. He then reads off the numbers, and whoever has the matching ticket wins the item. 

The executives put all the non-winning tickets into a large bucket. These tickets have another chance to win at the very end.

The most important rule: you can only win once. So, if an employee’s ticket is drawn twice, they are given the option between what they won earlier or the new item. The whole company gets into this decision, shouting which item they think the employee should keep. If they choose to switch, the “give back” electronics are placed in a stack for a later drawing. At the end, any items that were “give backs” are the prizes for the drawings from the losing ticket bucket.

Special Drawings

Behind the curtain (or in our case in the adjacent storage room), we have additional electronics for special drawings:

  1. An envelope placed under the chairs of three people, who win an additional gift
  2. A special raffle for our temporary employees or contingent workforce
  3. A drawing for our one-to-five-year tenured employees
  4. A drawing for our five-to-ten-year tenured employees
  5. A drawing for our ten-year and over tenured employees.

The looks on our employees faces when they win their sought-after prize is well worth the price of putting on this event, and the cookie exchange and ugly sweater party just ramp up the excitement level. At the end, everyone goes home with their branded gift.

We’re just getting started. Want more holiday employee engagement ideas? Join me over on my blog for a more extensive look at two of our biggest year-end events: our daily raffle and awards ceremony.