When an HR manager encounters a problem, they have a trove of tech solutions available; however, it can be difficult to sort through and find the solutions that meet your specific needs. If your tech expertise is somewhat limited and you believe that utilizing managed IT services might benefit your business in its leverage of technologies, you may want to consider the services of SimplicIT.

Most small businesses have an HR department of one. So, is utilizing HR tech worth it for small business? Absolutely, so long as business owners keep in mind their needs, their goals, and their budgets. There are many options to choose from; some systems are all-encompassing, while others handle only one facet of HR processes. Whether you’re trying to solve a single problem or revamp your HR procedures from recruitment through succession planning, there’s an HR system out there for you.

Keep in mind what your business needs not just now, but in the future as well. Here’s a guide to get you started:

Hiring & Recruiting

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are the first technology to evaluate in order to automate your HR recruitment. Finding the one that enables you to recruit and hire talent seamlessly is an important decision. There are several benefits to utilizing an ATS during your candidate search. Many offer integrations with popular job boards, allowing you to easily post adverts on all the sites your candidates visit. It also automates some of the more tedious aspects of the hiring process, like data collection and employment metrics. There are plenty of systems that you can use to help track specific qualification, it just depends on what your job is. For example, if you are a truck driver then you can use something like this fmcsa driver qualification file packet for truck drivers. This sort of system can help to streamline the process. With the example of truck drivers, if you were managing or expanding a fleet of truck drivers, handling additional qualification checks on top could be a hassle due to the vast amount of variables in that industry. By using a developed system to ease the workflow the challenge can be diminished, and the same logic can be applied to any other industry. These industries can vary from truck driving, to catering.

There are a variety of factors to consider as you begin your decision-making process:

  • Do you want an all-inclusive system?
  • Do you have favorite vendors you want to retain without adding cost?
  • Does the ATS integrate with your other HR technology?
  • What functionalities are most important to you?

Workable, for example, is a favorite in the HR tech world for its talent CRM.

Time Tracking & Management

Every business needs to keep track of and manage its employees’ time. Some small businesses start off with few employees, making this a non-issue at the outset. Managing one, two, or even three people’s schedules may be simple at the beginning; but what about ten employees, or one hundred? As your business grows and more employees are hired, managing everyone’s hours and time-off requests becomes increasingly more important.

There are simple tools to help small business owners track time and manage time-off. Timely, for example, is an inexpensive option for a small business that only requires time-tracking for their employees. Clockify offers their basic time-tracking software for free as well as paid plans with additional features.

Employee Engagement & Performance Analytics

HR tech can do more than just help you hire candidates and keep track of employee time. It can also be used to provide valuable insight on your applicants and current employees. Talent analytics, for example, does everything from identify which applicant would be the best fit for your team to quantify the strengths and weaknesses of your current workforce.

There are HR tech solutions that aid in employee engagement, which is an invaluable recruitment benefit for today’s workforce. Programs like Salesforce Chatter and Dropbox encourage inter-department communication, which has been proven to boost employee engagement. Studies indicate that showing appreciation is one of the most effective ways to keep your staff motivated. Talent recognition programs like Kudos enable your team to give each other feedback, reward employees, and call out a job well done.

Security & Integrations

The next step is ensuring your company’s continued security. Hiring on new talent is an exciting prospect for any growing business, but a bad hire for a small business can have a devastating effect.

When expanding your business, always think of what security risks you might be undertaking by bringing in new workers. The simplest way to prevent a hiring mistake is to do your due diligence. By running a criminal history check and double-checking candidates’ credentials, you can minimize the risk of a negligent hire.

There’s also technology to simplify the background check process. An identity verification tool like ASAP ID™ verifies candidate information before initiating a background check-and your candidate can do it all from their mobile device. With tech like ASAP ID™, you’re improving your background check data andproviding a simplified candidate experience, so it’s win/win.

If you’re using an ATS, HCM, or HRIS, choose a background screening provider that can integrate seamlessly with your hiring strategy. You’ll get all the exciting advantages that come with growing your business via HR technology-without sacrificing on safety or security.

All-In-One Solutions

Rather than buying four different programs to meet your needs, consider a Human Capital Management system that can do all the above and more. Some are even specifically geared towards smaller businesses. Zoho People, for example, is free to use for up to five employees. Namely is a popular choice for mid-sized companies due to its scalability, leaving plenty of room for growth.

Whatever your company’s HR needs are, the world of HR tech is at your fingertips. Determine what your pain points are and keep those in mind as you move forward. That way, no matter what you decide, you will be making the best decision for your organization.

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