Freelancing and gig workers aren’t exactly new, but hiring them is becoming increasingly common. Most employers have a toolbox of go-to interview questions, but when hiring gig workers, questions need to be tailored to this unique position. The skills necessary to be successful as a freelancer-particularly if you expect the individual to be a specialist in the field-are different than those of a traditional employee. Here are some things to consider.

Ask About Their Relationship with Remote Work

Everyone is different. Some people enjoy working in an office with other people, while others prefer to telecommute. Some enjoy both! There has been a 115% increase in telecommuting, and it’s becoming commonplace in many workplaces.

Make sure you’re hiring someone who can manage the realities of remote work. There are many challenges involved with remote work which people may struggle with. Motivation and distractions are undoubtedly two of the biggest issues, but the lack of social interactions is also something many people struggle with. On the other hand, some people won’t be bothered by this at all; that is how you make a distinction between someone who thrives with remote work and someone who will struggle with it.

However, things like chat api and voice and/or video call software allows remote workers to have some social interaction whilst also benefitting their work. Emails are great, but there is often a delay involved with them. It is vital to ensure remote workers can communicate with fellow staff in real-time.

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