One-Special-SkillWhat is your special skill? If one doesn’t come to mind right away, perhaps it is time to reevaluate your strengths and do some soul searching to discover what your one skill is that will not only set you apart from your peers but get you noticed by your boss. You might have hoped that all those Tennis Lessons Phoenix you took as a child would be a great skill to have, but maybe not when it comes to work. Unless your boss plays tennis and asks you to play a match against him. Then being able to play tennis would be a very valuable skill to have.

30 years ago, I wanted to increase my administrative skills in hopes to work directly for an executive. My stepmother had been a secretary, and she wrote in shorthand. Both at home and on vacation, she would write page after page in shorthand, but what was she saying? I desperately wanted to be able to read her stenographer’s pad.

“As it turns out, shorthand isn’t as easy as it looks.

Luckily for me, a few years later the value of knowing shorthand was nearly non-existent!

I opted to learn proofreading marks which have the same hieroglyphic appearance that shorthand utilizes. Back then, a letter would have to be dictated and transcribed. Letters would also require editing before being mailed.

This was my chance to show off my newly learned skill of sophisticated proofreading marks and stand out amongst my peers. I remember the first time my boss noticed my special skill. I remember my boss smiled at me and gave me that “you go girl!” look.

As the years have gone by, I still use proofreading marks. To this day, I still find it interesting when I edit new employees’ work, and it is the first time that they have seen them. It is at that moment that the new employee recognizes that there is a higher level of expectation. Times have changed, and technology has eased the need for skills like proofreading marks. However, Academic proofreading for business professionals is still very important and needed in business dealings. Proofreading can offer another perspective and provide a solid base to the document, another person/persons checking means less chance of error and more clarity.

For administrative or executive assistants, there is always that one skill that will set you apart from your peers in the eyes of your boss.

That one skill will be one that shows you has a great eye for detail and one that shows you care a great deal about the quality of your work. If after reading this and you are still not sure what your one special skill is, I highly recommend for you to do some soul searching to get ahead of the game.

Everyone has that one special skill that sets them apart from the rest-What is yours? Share your special skill with me on social media:


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